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3 Components of a Successful Power Washing Business

Pressure Washing Service
If you want to start your own business doing something you enjoy and that doesn't require a huge investment, then a mobile pressure washing service could be the solution. You can start small and expand with more employees and bigger equipment as your business grows.
Here are three components to get your power washing service off to a good start.

1. Establish Your Business Properly

Before you take on any work, set up your business properly. You may need the advice of an accountant, attorney, or small business consultant to make sure you have everything in order. You may need to establish an LLC, set up a company bank account, get a permit, obtain a business license, and insure your business.
Understand what's required for you to operate legally so you can avoid fines and protect your personal assets. Plus, you'll have a more professional appearance to the public if you have a license and insurance card and are properly licensed and insured — you may even get subcontracting work.

2. Decide on the Equipment You Need

Buying a pressure washer is a good option, especially if you start with an affordable gas or electric model. However, leasing might also be a good choice if you want to obtain higher-end pressure washing equipment for large jobs. You could also always rent a power washer in a hurry if you need to bring in extra equipment in busy times or if one of your washers breaks down.
If you buy or lease, you need to decide if you want to start on a small scale with a basic pressure washer or if you want to have a variety of nozzles, chemicals, and tools. If you start small, your initial investment is less, but you'll have fewer jobs you can do.
You also need to consider your experience level. If you don't have experience with trailer-mounted pressure washers, then you probably want to stick with what you know at first so you provide excellent service and gain a good reputation.
In addition to buying a pressure washer, you'll need a variety of wands, tips, and nozzles since each job is unique and requires just the right spray and pressure to be effective without causing damage. Other supplies you may need are hoses, brushes, chemicals, drop cloths, a ladder, and a rugged outdoor extension cord.
In addition, you should carry an assortment of hand tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, and scrapers so you can make minor repairs as they're needed. You may already have many of these tools, or you may want to buy everything new under your business name for tax purposes and accounting.

3. Advertise Your Services

Advertising is vital so people in your community know you're available to help them. When it comes to pressure washing, advertising also doubles as education. People may not realize how much pressure washing can help them maintain their vehicles and property.
Explain all the jobs you can do, such as wash cars, remove patina from decks and wood fencing, clean concrete patios and pool decks, wash driveways, wash house siding, clean algae from roofs, and refresh resin patio furniture.
You'll need an advertising budget, but you can also advertise for free through online videos showing before and after shots and through free online classifieds.
If you love working outdoors in the construction and home improvement industry, then starting your own pressure washing service could be a good match.
While you can start off big if you want and invest in equipment for jobs like cleaning trucks and commercial buildings, you can also start small with a single pressure washer and help homeowners maintain their property. With excellent service and good customer care, you'll get referral work that helps your business grow.
Visit West Equipment Co. Inc. for the tools and equipment you need to start your business. We sell and rent pressure washers and all the hand tools you might need to provide stellar service to your customers.