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Hoist Rentals in Toledo, Ohio

Carrying Your Loads

In almost any construction job and in many industrial endeavors, you have to lift and move heavy materials from one place to another. Without the proper equipment, moving these objects can be dangerous if not near impossible. That’s why WEST Equipment Co. Inc. offers hoist rental services. Whether you are working on an industrial project or a construction job, we have the hoists you need.

Our Hoist Equipment

In our facility, we have hoists in a variety of sizes and types to meet the needs of your unique project. We carry specialized hoists for your particular job, like two-speed hoists and custom-made hoists along with general hoists for everyday projects. Our equipment includes cable hoists, chain hoists, Coffing hoists, electric hoists, air hoists, lever hoists, manual hoists and hoist trolleys.

Answering Your Questions

When you call us for your hoist rental, our experienced staff will be ready to answer any questions you have and help you determine the tool you need for your unique job. Together, we have the decades of experience you can trust to help ensure your tools are well-kept to make sure you have the reliable, high-strength equipment you need for your project.

Choosing the Right Tools

When choosing the equipment you’ll need and use for your construction project or other industrial application, you should consider a few helpful factors. In order to choose the right hoist, you’ll need to know the size of your load, the type of load, the height of the lift, the speed you need it to travel and the amount of suspension you desire. At our shop, we’ll help you find the right hoist for your job.

Hoist Rentals

Making Your Job Easier

Not only will renting a hoist help you complete your project on time, but it will also save you from having to purchase it, paying to store it and save you the cost of maintaining it. If you need a hoist for your construction job or industrial project, give us a call today. We will gladly answer your questions and provide the hoist you need to complete your project on time and on budget.