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Chain and Nylon Slings in Toledo, Ohio

The Lift You Need

At WEST Equipment Co. Inc., we understand the importance of having dependable slings for your construction project. As you move equipment and materials, you need to be sure they are secure in the crane of other hoisting equipment you are using. That’s why we offer durable, high-quality slings of various types. Whatever your construction needs, whether that be strength or durability, we have the right slings for the job.

Wire Rope Slings

In our Ohio facility, we manufacture a variety of wire rope slings to meet your specific needs. Along with our custom-made slings, we offer styles and sizes from other trusted suppliers. Our wire rope slings are robust and heavy, allowing them to tolerate drastic temperature changes. They are also available in longer lengths than our other slings.

Chain Slings

In our shop, we also have an array of chain slings. These slings are our most durable option, providing you with both flexibility and strength. Whether for general use or specialized lifts, our chain slings can meet your construction needs. They are available as choker, basket and vertical hitch slings.

Nylon Slings

Along with chain and wire rope slings, we offer nylon slings for your project needs. Our nylon slings are available in a variety of sizes and types. If you need surface protection or load stability for your job, these slings are the solution you need. They are extremely versatile, making them ideal for any construction work.


Get Your Materials

Whether you need to spread your load over a large surface area or support a concentrated weight, our expert staff will help you find the proper size and type of sling for your job. Call us today to learn more about our products and to order your slings.