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Safety Equipment in Toledo, Ohio

Protecting Your Workers

No matter where you work or run your business, it is essential to provide training and equipment to protect your employees from injury. At WEST Equipment Co. Inc., we care about you and your workers’ safety. That’s why we offer a wide range of safety equipment. Whether you are beginning a new construction project or you need updated equipment for your industrial plant, you can rely on our professionals to help keep you and your workers secure.

Our Equipment

Because each workplace requires different safety gear, we offer a variety of equipment to meet your specific needs. Our selection includes insulated boots, rain gear, safety cans, safety cabinets, safety harnesses, safety lanyards, safety tripods, safety glasses, earplugs, roof mounts, footwear, ladders, safety vests, anti-vibration gloves, Nomex suits, slush boots, safety signs, and more.

Trusted Manufacturers

Each of our products is created by manufacturers we trust for their consistent high-quality gear. With this equipment on yourself and your workers, you won’t have to worry about injuries. Instead, you’ll be able to work more quickly and effectively than before. Our manufacturers include Bashlin, Diamond Rubber, Buckingham, Eagle Manufacturing, Elk River, Elvex, Guardian Fall Protection, Michigan Ladder, Honeywell Miller, OcuNomix, and more.

Foster a Safe Environment

​With the proper safety equipment, your employees will feel secure and well taken care of. Because they are well-protected, your workers will be healthier and happier. Since they are happy, they will also be more efficient and productive, ensuring that your project is completed on schedule.

Safety Equipment

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If you need safety equipment for your construction project or for industrial purposes, call us today. Our professional staff will work with you to determine the proper gear for your particular circumstances. We’ll help you and your employees avoid tragic injuries and lost work time.